Our Vision


Let's be real for a moment; there isn't anything about chronic pain or illness that's particularly fetching or joy-filled. It can be a mammoth effort to find even an ounce of good when neither your body or mind can catch a break. With the seed of hope already firmly planted in my mind, I recently found myself perusing the web for some inspiring little tidbits to help me fill these pages. After being faced with nothing but a sea of bitter words in bold blacks, I walked away with nothing but a bare Pinterest board. Finding hope in a minefield of hopelessness was like finding a needle in a haystack, and I soon realised that, even amongst the safer confines of pain-savvy folk, I was struggling to catch a break from the very community that should have been lifting me up. While their fighting words are indeed filled with truths, I didn't find them speaking to my personal truth. And so, out of a sense of weariness, Bay of Hope was born; a protected little cove, which is free from all things clinical and grey and gloomy, and intertwines stories of beauty and pain, longing and peace, reflection and hope. It is a space that teaches hard truths with tact, mourns pre-pain life, documents tough days both with and without rose-coloured glasses, aids contentment in the absence of cures, backs the living of remarkable lives in often unremarkable circumstances, and champions the positive mindset, all in equal measures.

Let’s find our own sun. Grow our own flowers. The universe delivered us with the light and the seeds. We might not hear it at times, but the music is always on. It just needs to be turned louder.
— Rupi Kaur