ABOUT - Meet Chloe

I'M CHLOË... I was born and raised in the suburbs of our West Coast, the product of a fun-loving, creative father, who had me growing up on the likes of Van Morrison. He spent far too much of his time curating the most memorable mixtapes for summer road trips, taught me the graces of good grammar, and how to blend and shade when I coloured my school projects. My mother dedicated herself to family and community, selflessly giving her time to us and a plethora of non-profits, without so much as a second thought. She spent her days crafting the most incredible creative activities, put sublime efforts into letters from the tooth fairy, each time from a differing flower fairy to deliver their own specific message, and was always the first to volunteer her time to someone or something in need of a helping hand. I'm the granddaughter of two wildish women, both fiercely determined in their own rights, and an only child amongst a mighty extended family, the hordes of whom have always been considered immediate. I'm the sum of all these things, and each of them tells the story of me to a T.


As of today, I'm the leading lady behind Lines and Squares, and an avid advocate for perseverers of chronic pain, but I haven't always lived this life; the wedding-industry hustle, the creating as a means of living, the pesky persistence of pain and the hoopla and hubbub that comes with it. Rewind to 2010; I was working in my full time, 9-5 job of seven years. I was creating my little business on the sidelines, travelling the world at my will, and smack bang in the middle of that invincible stage of my early twenties.


Fast forward to present day, and life is looking somewhat different. I walked away from my 9-5, and although that decision was fuelled solely by the abrupt onset of unexplained pain and ill health, the daydream that was merely thought of as a creative side project has evolved into the eight-year-old bundle of joy that is Lines and Squares.


There are, undeniably, days where I feel like we've taken far more steps back than we have forwards in the health department. Looking back, I often feel naive to have thought the pain was crippling in the early days. I've lost track of the hospital visits. The staff have come to know me by name and comment on the sheer size of my admissions file every time they're forced to haul it. I'm physically and mentally changed, sporting a bunch of new scars and acquiring some swish new internal hardware along the way. I'm still under my parent's roof and am far more dependent on them than I was towards the end of my teens. BUT, I have a family who backs me without question, and an entire pain team behind me, who are dedicated (most above and beyond their duty) to helping me be my best self, in every thinkable area, and carve out the most meaningful life our ever-changing circumstances allow. With their guidance and unrivalled support, I'm designing on the daily from the little haven we've created from our home. I get to run (figuratively, of course) amongst some of the most incredible creatives that our little corner of the West Coast has to offer. I get the privilege of working with a bevvy of small business owners, with the madly-in-love as they plan one of the most memorable days of their lives, and often with their growing families as they celebrate far beyond that pledge and party. Swings and roundabouts, right?

I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity.
— Rudyard Kipling